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Default Re: Left 4 Dead 2 arriving november 17

Originally Posted by Atomizer View Post
wtf? 5 campaigns is a single map? ax, frying pan, chainsaw, silenced sub-machine gun, incendiary ammo is only 1 weapon? though you're right about the monster, apart from the different skinned zombies, the only new zombie I saw was the charger(doesnt mean there isnt more, but until I see it there is only 1, not that its a bad thing).
However, there is other improvements that cant be stated with numbers, the witch for example, can now wander around, instead of staying in one place, which can make it harder to avoid her if you even plan to, not to mention its only the first showing of L4D2, wouldnt suprise me...ahem, if there was more suprises.
The original had 4 campaigns... 5 campaigns is one more then the original... fail math did we? I don't consider Melee weapons as new weapons since well you can melee with the guns... no reason to add them other to give players something they think is new. New ammo? Thats not a weapon... Oh and who said the silenced MG was new... they just added a silencer to the current MG...
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