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Default Re: PhysX officially sucks.

It might not be fully implemented in all the games you want it in... but it by no means sucks. I've played around with it running on my gtx 260 while it's doing the rendering, but shortly (whenever I find the time) i'm installing an 8600 GT to do the physx work and leaving the 260 on graphics only duty....

Give it time and it will mature.... compare nvidia physics to the aegia physx card and it's implementation way back in '05.... it was a wash compared to what it is now.... pci card that's hardly better than a 6200... if it was better, the way nvidia is doing it is amazing and it's just a few steps off from microsoft's vision for dx11 supporting api physics.... which surprise, means ati and nvidia cards can use it assuming they work the cards to.

Physx is a stepping stone into DX11 which is where we want to be as far as universal api physx goes
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