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Default KDE 4.3 Beta 2 and 185.18.14: pretty snazzy

I'm running a 64-bit version of the Kubuntu 9.10 alpha and the KDE 4.3 Beta 2 packages hit the repository yesterday.

My system is an Athlon X2 5000+ w/ 4GB RAM and a GeForce 8800GTS, 640MB.

My early impression is that performance wise, this is the best it's been so far... Applications maximize and minimize smoothly and usually without delay. If the beta performs this will, I think it's a good sign for what the release version might offer.

So kudos to the devs, here as well as those working on KDE. Along with the props, some criticism: please work with the nouveau devs or release some code. I realize it's probably not up to you and chances are slim, but I'm saying it anyway.

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