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Default repeated X lockups w/ 44.96 + FX5600 + 2.4.22


Since upgrading to an FX5600 I experience random lockups during boot _only_.
When I reach the login screen there's a 10-20% chance that X will stop responding and even ctrl-alt-F6 will not bring up another console.
I have to press the reset button.

With my old GF2MX400 there was no problem. Same driver. I even reinstalled it just to be sure. 3D works perfectly (RTCW:ET). It never crashes in-game. Only after boot and in the login screen.


Athlon 1.4GHz
ABIT KG7 (w/ lates DM bios)
512MB DDR 266MHz (no overclocking)
Albatron FX5600P

RH 8.0
2.4.22 (
XFree86 4.2.1
nvidia 44.96

To NVidia people: HELP!
The problem is definitely card-specific. With the same configuration the GF2MX gave no lockups at all.
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