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Default Broken Driver after 180.53

I build the supergamer livedvd's and from my experience with using the kernel for a new release. The nvidia driver is broke on the 180.60 version...on some games I get a segfault 11 not all of the games react this way but the 180.53 driver works...there is no change in the placement of any libs from what I am looking at other than just it being broke on that libGL..I went through 3 hours of testing on driver releases and my equipment that I am building on is a 5400amd with a 750a xfx mobo with onboard jumpered out and 2 9600 768 gso cards running sli...I am also still using xorg 6.9 for stability issues and resource savings..I just thought I should report this issue so it can either be fixed or a patch made to address this issue as I am not aware of any major changes in the driver structure between the 180.53 and the 180.60
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