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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Well they were the ones who picked GTK+. This is just inexperience kicking in here and I've never seen OpenSource developers saying such things.

It's like saying 'I've just built a house on the moon. I designed it for earth but it just doesn't fit well on the moon and it's surroundings'.

It seems even people with such resources and money like Google they can't knuckle down and just do it without whining. Just look at their browser, it looks like something straight out of XP, other web browsers for linux DEs actually fit into the rest of the desktop environment.
ROFL. Are you really trying to tell me that google is inexperienced with linux?

Google, the same very large, very wealthy company who has built nearly their entire infrastructure on linux.

Google, the same company who created the Android OS, which is built on linux.

Google, the same company who currently employs several people who have taken part in the development of the linux ports of several popular programs (to include firefox and openoffice)

Yeah, they sound so inexperienced with linux. Honestly guy, lay off the kool-aid. Even the linux drones that post on slashdot will admit its shortcomings. Linux is not a desktop OS, plain and simple. It is great for many things, but being a desktop OS isn't one of them.

You know what else? The quote I posted was from a guy who used to be the lead developer of firefox. Inexperienced my ass.
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