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Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
That's one BIG assumption you're making there. At least we don't sit benchmarking our system just for the biggest scores, we have better things to do. Why not go one better and say PC's are poor man's Macs.
Quite possibly my only post to you, as I'm sure I already know what your reply will be.

1. Long time linux user here, started with Red Hat, upgraded to Debian.

2. Most pirates I know are Linux users.

3. The basis of your entire philosophy is skewed, as in bass-ackwards. The most popular, oft repeated mantra I hear from the linux crowd is "Choice"!

Hypocritical child. See below for why.

Linux (blanket coverage here) would just love to grab a much larger portion of the market share. Nothing wrong with that, and quite frankly I wish the community good fortune in doing so.

YET....the majority of users posts I've seen on many boards over the past decade or so indicates that the users themselves give absolutely no reason nor incentive to the vast majority of Windows users to even try it out.

Your posts are indicative of this attitude. Windows is not free, hence a linux user MUST by it's very nature begin posting inflammatory, antagonistic remarks in order to accomplish...what exactly? To prove you are an idiot in spite of your level of education or prowess with the Linux kernel?

You've succeeded in that.

Peace and live well. Now go do something productive for a change.
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