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Default Re: G0 Q6600 overclocking

so after playing with it 2 things are apparent.

400x9 is not stable, i haven't investigated if it's voltage or what but I think that's what it would be unless the processor can't handle that fsb speed because 400x8 wasn't very stable either.

intel's speedstep is crap....

and @ the comment about my memory... it should be fine if it's in a 1:1 ratio at 400mhz right.... I see no reason why that would hold me back if it's at the "stock" memory speed unless there's a relationship I'm not aware of. But yes, I do plan on going to a 1:1 relationship for the memory with the 400 fsb.

so it sounds like 1.45v is the high end of the spectrum for voltage?

Also I'm pretty confident in this heatsink... is there any reason I shouldn't be? I know the 95xx series from zalman was the "new high end" back in like '05 after I bought this... but have things really changed that much since then?
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