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Default Re: ASUS Matrix 285 GTX

I used to do this all the time.... for my 6800 GT I overclocked it to Ultra speeds (modest bumps to core and memory clocks) and then once it was stable (through drivers) you could go in and edit the original bios file you pulled off of it... change the 3d / 2d clocks to what you want, reflash and there you go.... 6800 GT @ ultra speeds.... you can do this with any card though..

I know flashing the bios was popular back when you were going from like a 6800 to 6800 ultra bios.... but instead of doing the bios which had differences in voltage and what not it was probably a bit safer to just modify your cards bios and reflash with modified clocks.... glad to see they're making it easier though.

What was the tool called now to pull off your bios and reflash? I used to get it off of
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