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Thumbs up Works great......

Wanted to say thanks to all who have given very valuable information, LaoTzuTao, and those who gave the tip about recompiling the src.rpm kernel driver.

It works great for me now. I had ALL the same problems listed in this thread, luckely nVidia gave a URL to here for me to browse, that was very cool.

Also just wanted to say i'm using :
SuSE 8.0
GeForce 2 MX 500
XFree86 4.2.0

And using "rpm --rebuild <NIVIDIA_kernel.src.rpm>"
installing that RPM it leaves, then the GLX rpm works great with : 1.0-3132 build(s).

Just changed my XF86Config to include "glx", removed "dri" , and used the "nvidia" driver , and i've tested Quake3Arena and it plays VERY nice.

Have a good one all :O)
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