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Default replying ;)

AGP is AGPGART. Nevre tried NV since AGPGART was working OK w/ the GF2.
I have set SBA and FW both to 1 in modules.conf but only SBA gets enabled. FW is still disabled. Though even with both of them disabled I was _still_ getting the same problem. So that's not the cause.

Nor the kernel. 2.4.21 gave the same problem, but worked fine with the GF2MX.

It seems to be a driver problem but specific to NV31 only.

I know that the drivers do underclock and overclock the card. When they first get loaded maybe the frequency is then adjusted. Maybe that's the unstable part? That question goes to NV guys...

No TV is attached.

Thanks again.

p.s. even 43.63 was giving the same problem.
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