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Default Windows 7 Service Pack leaked build 7227

Not a week goes by these days without a Windows 7 leak so why should this week be any different?

Last week it was 7201 and this time around it is 7227. The build tag is 7227.0.winmain_sp.090602-2110 indicating that the build is just over a week old. As ever the build is available at the usual places.

According to Russian site Wzor, sometime between June 10th and June 15th, the last build handed out to corporate partners will be distributed. The build will be 6.1.7229.0.winmain.090604-1901. After this only RTM candidate builds will be compiled. None of these builds will be distributed externally to partners.

Officially Microsoft has targeted mid to late July as the RTM date for Windows 7. It's possible that if the build quality of the RTM candidate builds is very high over the next few weeks then we could see Microsoft sign-off on RTM by month end.

MS has two branches for Win7 development

winmain that will go RTM around July
winmain_sp that they already started working on sp
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