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Default Re: Viewable area bigger than TV display

Here a frustrated user, too .

I am using Ubuntu Jaunty with a nVidia Corporation GeForce 8500 GT (rev a1) and the 180-44 drivers.

I just put this NVIDIA card in my HTPC because nvidia's competitor, ATI/AMD also already has betrayed Jaunty users with Radeon X1250 IGP's and older by not supporting them anymore... and the RADEON driver didn't let me send a PAL s-video or composite signal.

But anyway, back to NVIDIA. Unfortunately, not much better

So I also have the ridiculous OVERSCAN problem withb at each side of the screen 5% of viewable desktop area cut off. And, unlike the person from NVIDIA posting in this topic said, this is NOT caused by EVERY TV!!!!! My Sony 29" CRT TV does not have any overscan problems with the ATI chipset (apart from the NTSC vs. PAL issue) so this is NOT at the TV side. Also, like other threads, recently and years back state, the nvidia driver itself is also doing cutting.

Unfortunately, the
Option "TVOverScan" "0.00000"
or any variations thereof do not have any effect on the overscanning.

So NVIDIA, PLEASE finally start listening to your paying customer and provide the support we are entitled to!
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