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Default Re: 185.18.14 CUDA, some change.....

I don't have any boinc.log in BOINC directory ( either in system log directory ) and currently theres no SETI job at all ( nor GPU not CPU ) to test or run from pure terminal.

So I have nothing to post, only that I had this problems with 6.4.5 BOINC Manger and custom made seti program from Crunch3rs so it could be compiled against specific CUDA 2.1 code and therefore don't work with 2.2 available with 185 series driver.

Now I have BOINC Manger 6.6.31 and I wonder if official CUDA SETi client is available with this version on Linux or again I will be forced to use this Windows based custom made Crunch3rs version...
  • Linux Debian Sid x86_64/ 3.2.0
  • Lenovo T61p
  • NVIDIA driver 295.33
  • Xorg/XServer 7.6+12/1.11.4
  • GNOME 3.2.2
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