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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

Originally Posted by Quick420 View Post
Hahahahahha,Linux geeks are all the same.No matter what OS comes out Linux is still must be sooooo intelligent.Us mere mortals still need to have everything done for us.Windows 7 looks like it will catch on with the vast majority,you stick with Penguin Power if you wish
That's just offensive, at least if you're gonna make an opinion, don't make it sound like a hammer against other people, because it's all about freedom of choice.

I use both Windows and Linux, both of them have their strong and weak points...

The most known weak point about Windows is its 'relative' lack of security... if it's that secure as you could think, why every time windows update fires up it comes with dozen of security and malware updates? Linux is not an absolutely secure OS but at least the packages that conform the security infrastructure, from shadow to OpenSSH, passing through Linux-PAM, GNUPG and many others just have occasional patches, not every day...

And that's not a thing for geeks, it's a thing for everyone... I can't just envision a system where I have to give 25% of my system resources to an antivirus or anti-mal/spyware program just to be safe when I'm browsing the web and click on a banner or any kind of visual interface interaction. With Linux, just forget about it, the vast majority of threats doesn't have ANY impact at all with Linux, mainly because their codebase is binary incompatible with Linux (anyway I haven't ever used any form of anti-viral protection under Windows and I haven't ever had any need for formatting my pc due to that, so it's a naive point for myself, I have to admit).

The most known weak point about Linux is some form of multimedia environments and gaming... Ok, it's a point good enough to ditch Linux in favor of Windows if you're on the gaming side, that doesn't mean there aren't good games on Linux, but it all depends on your gaming needs, the problem I see with Linux is just around 60-70% of the 'remarkable' games for Linux are somewhat blatant copies of Quake III, mainly because they're based on its source code, but that doesn't mean the Linux gaming community is stucked playing this kind of games... even Valve was looking for a software engineer to port the Steam platform to Linux, that doesn't necessarily mean we'll be seeing Half-Life 2 or any other remarkable game running with it (unless you go with Wine, and many people does), but things just progress... at an extremely slow rate? maybe... but it's definitely progressing...

And this is just a mere sample about the two OS... I'll just add one more example of Windows VS Linux fights where Linux wins in a very clear way... STANDARDS.

Why? Just because Windows isn't the only operating system in the planet and a PC is not the only kind of hardware in the planet. Standards allows for clear information exchange across a wide range of hardware and OS, like SVG, XML, XSL, HTML, OpenGL, OpenAL and many other libraries and standards. Microsoft always tries to make their own interpretation on standards and there you have Internet Explorer 8, a relatively good web browser that miserably fails at the time of browsing some pages, whereas any other browser can browse it with relative ease... so what's the big deal?

Not caring about others is just SELFISH, you can't just say you couldn't care more just because you can't just understand the importance of exchanging information, because the Internet is based on things like this...

Personally? I'll still keep both OS, I have LinuxMint 7 on a LiveCD and Windows Vista currently installed in my machine, I'll use both depending on my needs... MSN, gaming and some other tasks tie me to Windows, whereas others don't...

Not a single windows user should be left unrespected as well as not a single Linux user should be left unrespected... that's how everyone can share opinions and make the Internet a good place to be...


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