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Default Re: Americas Army 3 Announced

Originally Posted by Absolution View Post
I remember playing the game at launch, it was actually very good. The worst thing was the camping of both sides.

Other than that though, everything was spot on for the most part. Graphics were great for the time, the realism was there, gameplay was fun (minus camping).
That's because the beta program was ONLY HomeLAN members. Me included. We had to do a presentation before the Pentagon's Armed Services Committee. I was so nervous that day. So nervous that when we were "briefing" for a mission, I accidentally shot Sgt Gibson in the back. I got a good chewing out by Serpentius and ChemicalX. Sgt Gibson was cool, though. He just ran over to the table and got a health kit. Then it all went downhill when we were outbid for developing part 2 (and takeover of the AA1 servers).
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