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Default Geforce G105M Graphics - opensuse 11.1

Has anyone got to setup NVidia Geforce G105M Graphics Card and C2D - 2 Ghz on a laptop working well with opensuse 11.1 successfully?

I have been trying to configure (done several installs with diff configurations) on opensuse 11.1 and was unable to find suitable linux drivers (from opensuse nvidia downloads), however I tried the following pkgs which i download from nvidia site. Are these the correct ones?

The main issue is only after building the module/running package ('sh -q'), which is I get "6 screens" on the laptop screen, instead of one, (when i restart "sax2 -r -m 0=ndivia")

kindly let me know if there any solution to this or I am missing out some steps ? Any help from your be appriciated.
Thanks in advance.
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