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Unhappy GForce4MX + Athlon + Ubuntu 9.04 can't get it going, ran great in 8.10

Having a nightmare getting Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty running with my nVidia NV17GL Quadro NVS rev a3. If I choose Accessories>Admin>Hardware Drivers I get nVidia version 96 but it fails to work (x doesn't start and I have to go back to a blank xorg.conf).

I tried using envyng and I get similar problems and have to recover and uninstall it. This was all working great in 8.10. I tried an old xorg.conf from that and no luck.

Any clues where I'm tripping up?



AMD Athlon XP 2400+, Ubuntu Studio 9.04, Kernel 2.6.28-3-rt, nVidia NV17GL Quadro NVS rev a3
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