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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

Linux lost out to Microsoft this year on network sales, since Linux netbooks had 70% of the market last year. Now it's projected around 10%. This is really not a surprise considering the tactics being played by Microsoft.

It's known that Microsoft are selling XP at a loss just to gain market share. I'm not going to lie to you like some sort of Linux/ Windows fanboy would, it's a big blow to what was a great start for Linux with netbooks. That's always been Microsoft's way of killing the competition.

There are all sort of questions being asked out there about Microsoft like "Is Microsoft ‘Buying-Off’ Linux Netbook Vendors?"

Disputed Netbook claims

More info.

They start playing around with Linux and start realizing that it’s not what they are used to. They don’t want to spend time to learn it so they bring it back to the store. The return rate is at least four times higher for Linux netbooks than Windows XP netbooks.
That's fair enough. Clearly not Linux's fault and it shows that people even bring XP netbooks back to the store. You see Microsoft gained desktop share by getting people used to Windows from the enterprise market 'use at work, why not use at home' sort of slogan.

It's always hard to get people using something they're not used to, it's just a fact and not that Linux is bad as a desktop OS. Apple is barley making 8% share and just about everyone consciously knowns the name "Apple" from iPods and iPhones unless you've lived under a rock for the past 20 years.

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