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Default Re: Left 4 Dead 2 arriving november 17

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
TF2 has recieved tons of updates that the X360 version did not (games are completly different now) so why is L4D any different? It's not like theres crossplatform play...
I don't know, maybe their agreement with EA forces them to treat both versions equal, or maybe there is very few people playing TF2 on the 360, but there are much more playing L4D that deserve updates too.

That's what I saw... yet Newell in the past said they were going to shift to PS3 development because they couldn't overlook that market anymore.
They are a business, they are not stupid and they want money. I'm sure if PS3 development would be profitable for Valve they would have adopted it.

The PS3 is not that complicated that they couldnt shift focus of some of their team to port. Sony has developed many tools to make the transition from PC to PS3 easy...
If that means delays and quality compromises for PC and 360 versions, then thanks, but no thanks. That development tools that Sony has created may be good to create games from scratch, but not to port an engine that is several years old and is heavily optimized for DirectX architecture with no cross platform in mind.
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