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Unhappy Maya Linux 64 Bit Playback Speed Performance

Hi there everybody,I have Geforce 9600 GT,my driver's version is 180.44 which comes with Ubuntu 9.04 as default.Also I use Ubuntu 9.04 64 Bit.
I installed Autodesk Maya 2009 Unlimited(64 bit version).I'm an animator and playback speed is important for me.I should set it to Real Time(24 fps)But when I set it to Real Time,yes it plays in real time but skips frame.You may say this' normal.But in Windows XP-32 bit(at same Computer)it doesn't skip a frame.I installed Linux to give me the best performance in Maya,but because of this problem I'm not happy with it.Also I installed XFCE(thin desktop environment)But no luck,still same issue.Can someone help me with this?What could I do for best performance in Maya?Thanks,
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