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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

jaxxon: as you have basically the same setup i do now i think wondering if you've seen these issues at all, for reference:

2 x TH2G, each @ 5040x1050 twin view to 6 x 22" screens
ubuntu 9.04 with compiz.

1) VM's, either under virtualbox or vmware, KILL 2d performance, if there are a couple 3d apps running and a VM it enters slide show land with little to no cpu or disk load. closing a VM seems to leave residue poor performance, some times causing weird failures, such as vdpau output failing in mplayer or a compiz crash requiring an xorg restart. basic 2d apps + vm's seem ok.

2) creeping xorg memory, restarted X yesterday and Xorg is sitting at 550mb ram usage. seems to be tied to 3d app / VM usage, the more i use such apps the faster the usage grows. eventually it gets to 600-700mb and i am forced to restart X to get my memory back

neither issue is critical but it does require me to restart X every couple days or so.
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