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Default Re: G0 Q6600 overclocking

Thanks for all the comments. I'll definetly keep them in mind when I start to explore other overclocks. I didn't know some boards had a hard time at the 400mhz mark.

I guess the whole reasoninig behind that was to get the memory running 1:1 and try and get it stable at that fsb and hopefully step up to a 9x multipler without having too much issue. I'm probably going to try what you guys said though and start backing off on the fsb and go back to a 9x multipler... thinking I might back off on the voltage too.

I started a stress-test on prime95 this morning before I left for work.... it's been on 5 hours so far and I haven't had a chance to see if it's still alive. I did notice the core temps were peaking very high so more than likely a lapping or new heatsink is in order.

I really appreciate the comments though! I'll report back when I get home if it's stable or not. (3200, 400x8 @ 1.385v)
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