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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Yet another, 'I'll selectively read what's given to me'

Linux has more share in netbooks than the desktop. It started with nothing and has about 10%. where's the failure there? Considering Linux doesn't get any air time compared to Windows and Microsoft are selling XP at a loss just to keep the market.

In the end people pick what they know and are familiar with, so it's go nothing to do with Linux having poor usability for the Average Joe. Companies like DELL advertise here in the UK, yet I've never seen a advert for Linux. It shows how 'under the thumb' they are when it comes to Microsoft.
Little flaw in your argument there. Actually Linux had a much greater share of netbooks initially, then over time Windows overtook it, and now it is way ahead. The netbook market saw its first exposure to Linux, but Linux wasn't attractive enough to hold its position there.
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