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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
You wouldn't happen to be from Sweden by any chance, would you?
No sir.

nekrosoft13, "Pegasus was huge in Europe, cheap NES knock off."

Lol... nail meet head. I aquired an NES in '86 and was on it for years.... but I never heard of Pegasus. I started with classics like Commando (SMBrothers of course, came with system), Ghosts n Goblins, Contra, and Zelda.

Yaboze, "On some boards bumping old threads can get a ban.

That's why you got the strange looks."

Wow, no kidding... a "ban"... I'll keep that in mind, but sheesh... that's pretty harsh innit.
I expected some strange looks though.

Hell, I figured I was in the right place for discussing gaming with people who game.
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