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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
I would be surprised if PC gets very many Xbox ports from MS at all from now on, including Halo 3 and others... their focus seems clear. Fable 2 is the only game I would guess will come eventually.

It bummed me out when Halo 2 for PC was announced for Vista only... cheap shot, yada blada.... so I definitely wouldn't expect Halo 3 for PC unless it's Vista only. Doesn't help me though seeing as I'm XP. It's a real bummer because 1 looks great and feels great (haven't started it yet, but from the 15-20 mins I put into it, I could understand what all the hype was about, feels like a solid/fun shooter for sure). I'd love to add 2 & 3 to my collection but what can I do... the XP hack for 2 sounds ridiculous and unreliable, and I'm way too noob to ever try something like that, plus it's illegal.

I hope Fable 2 gets ported for XP... one looks amazing (same deal, only 15+ mins of testing) and I'm sure it's gonna be a totally badass lil hacknslash RPG. Gorgeous lil engine too.

GoW... lol... (only tested for 15 mins, can force 4xAA through the driver thank god, runs great, looks amazing, bloody UT3 engine rules) I haven't been able to play this since late January of this year because of that silly bug it's got. I have no net at home, so haven't tried patching it... I 'think' I had to be online to install that one at a friends house, not sure. If it was necessary though, I'm sure one has to be online to bloody update it too.

GoW 2 for PC would be cool for a collector like me, but seeing as how Epic has taken the stance, "screw PC users because they're thieves", it won't kill me.... and seeing as how I've paid for every Epic product I own, it's a HUGE slap in my face... along with the countless other PC Gamers who have faithfully supported them over the years.
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