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It seems to me, you dont know much of what you're talking about.

The NV30 raytracing power is explained at all, so it's better to simply suppose it won't be used by devs for a while.
The NV30 does not do raytracing. You can force it to do it, by encoding polygon ray intersection tests into the vertex/fragment programs, but it's still basically a scanline rasterizer.

The Pixel Shader of the NV30, said simply, has amazing raw power but no big advancement from PS 1.4 beside it got a lot more instructions.
Utter rubbish. The Nv30 supports pixel shader 2.0. The current batch of gf3/gf4's have very limited dependant texture read operations. Whereas with pixel shader 2.0, they are completely general and very flexable.

Pixel Shaders, however, could rapidly become less usefull by Vertex Shaders because as there are more and more polygons in models, Vertex Shader quality is nearly as good as the Pixel Shader one.
Again this is wrong. Bump-mapping, and advanced lighting effects all are done on the fragment level. This isn't gonna change simply because we have more polygons in models.

Some other stuff you say seems right tho.
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