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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Originally Posted by xianthax View Post
jaxxon: as you have basically the same setup i do now i think wondering if you've seen these issues at all, for reference:

2 x TH2G, each @ 5040x1050 twin view to 6 x 22" screens
ubuntu 9.04 with compiz.

1) VM's, either under virtualbox or vmware, KILL 2d performance, if there are a couple 3d apps running and a VM it enters slide show land with little to no cpu or disk load. closing a VM seems to leave residue poor performance, some times causing weird failures, such as vdpau output failing in mplayer or a compiz crash requiring an xorg restart. basic 2d apps + vm's seem ok.

2) creeping xorg memory, restarted X yesterday and Xorg is sitting at 550mb ram usage. seems to be tied to 3d app / VM usage, the more i use such apps the faster the usage grows. eventually it gets to 600-700mb and i am forced to restart X to get my memory back

neither issue is critical but it does require me to restart X every couple days or so.
Hi xianthax!

I didn't yet observed any performance losses while running VMware Server 2.
Also, I didn't recognized X server memory leaks, but I poweroff my computer
when I don't need it (typically over night), so it might be that I just didn't yet
affected me.

Do these problem persist when using a single screen rather than using
the six head dual TH2G setup? Please note that I needed to increase
the 2D memory clock for proper operation: with the default 100MHz for
the memory, the screen blanked for some graphical operations.

Some brief maths in this context:
width*height*bpp*vertrefresh = 5040*1050*4*57 = 2.23 GB/sec.
100MHz*buswidth_in_bits/8 = 100Mhz*448/8 = 5.16 GB/sec.

Means: at 100MHz the memory bandwidth of 5.16GB/sec should
be good enough for displaying the 5040x2100 mode (2.23GB/sec needed),
but memory refresh cycles and DMA operations are reducing the practically
available bandwidth to the point where the display blanks (at least
that's my theory)

Can you please try out a higher memory speed? (I'm using 333MHz for 2D)

Do these problem persist when not using compiz? (I'm using fvwm2)


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