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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
Not going to lie eh? Ok prove it. Show me how it's "known" that microsoft is selling XP at a loss. In fact I'd like to know how it is even possible to sell XP at a loss. Even if they sold it for $10 per unit they'd still make a decent profit (which I don't even think they sell it for that low to netbook makers.)
I didn't post those links to backup my argument, I just eluded to them as to what people are saying about the situation., hence why I said this. "There are all sort of questions being asked out there about Microsoft like"

No, people just got used to microsoft, and eventually brought it home. Microsoft never even marketed to non-business related use until windows 95 came out, and at that time people had been using it in the home for years.
Ever hear of Windows NT? That was going before Windows 95 and enterprise businesses were using it. Windows 95 was massively different to it's predecessor so no they where not used to it, NT users were.

We keep hearing every year that "this year will be the year of linux on the desktop" because it is going to get x improvement here, etc etc etc. Yet does it ever happen? These articles are basically making that same claim, only with netbooks instead.
Yes so do I, since Linux has 1% desktop share(officially) , it seems that people are making up this moving target for "Year of the Linux desktop".

Well if linux was so great, how come it isn't ahead of apple even? Windows has a huge cost advantage over apple, and linux has a huge cost advantage over windows
Linux doesn't have it's own store where people go and buy computers with the OS on preinstalled, are you so short sighted you can't even see the marketing power here?

Apple and Microsoft have such marketing power, linux has still managed to get 1%(that's a lot of money lost by them). Considering the tactics Microsoft have used over the years, it's no surprise.
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