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Default Quad Displays One Desktop Possible w/ Linux?

I am trying to get 4 displays running with linux.

AMD Athlon X2 64
Gnome / Fedora 11
Dual GeForce 8200
Dual GeForce 6200

I have tried for three days to get my quad displays working but cant get anything but 2 Twinviews (2 Xs) or 4 Xs running. More than one X with Gnome for Fedora 11 is useless thus far, applications only open in the primary Display and of course you cant drag to other displays with multuple Xs.

Anytime I ever try to enable Xinerama I get all displays going in out and in and out of power save mode like a christmas light show.

Is it possible to do quad displays with a single quad card?

Thank you anyone for your time reading this!

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