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Default Re: Risen new RPG from Piranha Bytes'

The game is now complete and in its polishing/finalizing phase.
(scheduled release: this summer)

I played it on the RPC in cologne this month,
and I was stunned by how atmospheric this game is.
As an rpg fan I have missed this kind of depth in an rpg for a looong time.

The comparison to Oblivion is not that far off, except that you dont play in first person view, but in third person view (1st person only if you fire a bow or a crossbow so far).

So its more like an offline WoW with a story, an ending and less grinding.

The monsters are actually pretty cool I have to say - these vulture like creatures actually fly and dive down on you to attack.
And the spikey things put up their spikes if they feel threatened.

I havent played that much, but from what I have played I can safely say that this will take the rpg genre by surprise like the Witcher.
Hope this is true.
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