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Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
The thread starter uses Linux and was saying how he's impressed with Windows 7, so it's a mixed debate. I explained why WIndows 7 shouldn't and doesn't change anything.

Yes it is speculation, it took you till now to get that? Read things properly next time.
I don't believe you ever explained why Windows 7 doesn't change anything, you just spewed about how great Linux waas most of you do. You sounded more like a pissed off school girl because the other girls walked off and took their dolls with them. I find Linux users to be very bitter people with the mis-guided arrogance of a mac user.

On another note, Nvidia released a Macintosh compatible GTX 285 ( Wtf was the point of that? Quake3?? UT 2004? CUDA maybe? LOL putting a GTX 285 into a mac is an insult to Nvidia why waste the time? If it doesnt say Mac on it, have a gay little half eaten mac logo and cost $2000 no mac user would buy it anyways.
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