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Default Re: Risen new RPG from Piranha Bytes'

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
As with the Gothic games, this looks awesome.

I hate to complain about yet another game\developer, but these guys have one of the worst track records of any recent developer when it comes to putting together a AAA title that actually works. They put out the same game three times, updated the graphics and carried over every major problem with the gameplay, including a truck load of bugs and glitches.

If this gets good reviews I'll buy it for sure, because Gothic 2 (the only one I've played much of) had all the ingredients for the perfect RPG, but it was just so horribly flawed... and Gothic 3 was apparently the same exact thing, which is why the team got canned. If they can actually do it right this time I'll be all over this game.

The games always looked great prior to release and even after release but man were they practically unplayable at times...

I wonder if they finally got a good control scheme because every other game they made had some of the worse controls.
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