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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
You should go and take your literacy lessons again, I never said such a thing and you shouldn't quote something that was never said.
Maybe you didn't say exactly that, but most people with more than 5 functioning brain cells, ie not you, can do something called "reading between the lines." Observe.

Originally Posted by Sean_W
To me on a desktop point of view, it doesn't offer anything more KDE4.2/4.3 does. I'm not a gamer now days, I like to get more constructive stuff done and I can do that with Linux. Windows 7 offers me nothing than what I already have.
Oh, and this is amusing, a little forum puke calling Google whiners and "inexperienced."

Originally Posted by Sean_W
Well they were the ones who picked GTK+. This is just inexperience kicking in here and I've never seen OpenSource developers saying such things.

It's like saying 'I've just built a house on the moon. I designed it for earth but it just doesn't fit well on the moon and it's surroundings'.

It seems even people with such resources and money like Google they can't knuckle down and just do it without whining.
But then AlphaWolf pretty much put you in your place.

And here come the troll posts.

Originally Posted by Sean_W
We feel sorry for Windows users and we have to look in on you from time to time, give you a reality
Originally Posted by Sean_W
Windows = gullible man's OS.

Must be a lot of poor Windows users out there, seeing as it gets pirated a lot.
Originally Posted by LydianKnight
No, that's not true... NetworkManager takes care of that, even DHCPCD has (or will have, not 100% sure right now about it) some form of WPA support.

Anyway, you talk like you have to compile the modules by yourself, and practically every distro, whether it's targeted for desktops or netbooks comes with their modules preconfigured and pre-installed... wireless-tools, wpa_supplicant and some form of module manager suffices (that's where Networkmanager or DHCPCD comes into play).

Excuse me for the question but... have you ever used a WPA/WPA2/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK network?
My home network is 504-bit WPA2-PSK. I tried installing Ubuntu through VMWare on my Mac. GUI looks nice and pretty, standard module appeared to accept my SSID and WPA key, and worked the first time I ran it. Loaded it up later in the day, didn't work. Tried again, didn't work. Tried it the next day, it worked. Tried later that day, it stopped working. The only way I could get it to run consistently was to change my network encryption to WEP, which is basically no encryption at all.

I have far better things to do with my time than to try and troubleshoot something that works perfectly well on all my other computers and game consoles. I also dabbled in Linux on my PS3. That worked OK because I was using a wired connection, but aside from the initial novelty of having Linux on a PS3, I never used it.
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