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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

On another note, Nvidia released a Macintosh compatible GTX 285 ( Wtf was the point of that? Quake3?? UT 2004? CUDA maybe? LOL putting a GTX 285 into a mac is an insult to Nvidia why waste the time? If it doesnt say Mac on it, have a gay little half eaten mac logo and cost $2000 no mac user would buy it anyways.
I don't agree with the jacked price but you have to understand it's a special flashed bios GTX285 that runs on a Mac Pro, the closest thing to a PC that Apple has in regards to expansion slots and a big case. The Mac Pro is an overpriced workstation, not a gamer's box, although it could be used for one.

Apple fans don't buy a Mac Pro for games, they use it for video, CS4, animation and other programs that happen to need a strong GPU, that's all it's for. It's not being sold as a gamer's card, but more of a workstation card. Think Nvidia Quadro Workstation. Also, the Mac OS supports hardware acceleration and it supports that as well. So with that, I don't get why you say "wtf was the point".
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