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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

Using a OS is more a matter of mentality and habits than any other thing, mainly...

Professionally, yeah, I've seen quite a lot of Macs in my work places, for graphics design they still have some outstanding power, specially in the printing business

But at a personal level, depends on your needs... that's the real point about it, people are usually 'told' instant messaging equals to Windows Live Messenger, e-mail equals to Outlook or Windows Live Mail and web browsing equals to Internet Explorer (or any other kind of software).

While it's nice you have a complete set of features to do your daily life without too much worries, it's not the same for everyone, the kind of user that just wants to have some form of e-mail support and instant messaing without all the bells and whistles can practically resort to any OS, like Mac OS or Linux or any other OS out there.

Thinking about it a bit deeper, Macs are to computers more like Bang & Oluffsen or any other kind of expensive brand is for the digital lifestyle, because for many people Style does matter, it's just a matter of choice (even if Macs are highly overpriced in my opinion).

And now returning to the true nature of this thread, would like to make a question...

In the myriad of YouTube videos about Windows 7, you can see the new ribbon interface for Wordpad and Paint but... wasn't notepad going to get it, too?

Seems like every video have it with the traditional interface... maybe it's just my imagination... any hint?

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