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Default Re: PhysX officially sucks.

Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
That is not necessarily true.

PhysX works on ATI, NVIDIA, XB360, PS3, hell even Wii! That is why so many developers are planning to use the PhysX API, including EA, Sega, Grin, Capcom, Ubisoft.

Now, hardware accelerated PhysX is a different story, that works on only NVIDIA right now.
Yeah, but it doesn't really matter. ATI has already said more than once that they're not going to conform to using an Nvidia-owned API. So it essentially IS a one-vendor solution when you take that into account. And if ATI refuses to use it, then most developers aren't going to code for it since a good share of the high-end segment now belongs to ATI--thanks to the 4800-series.

Considering the competition factor between ATI > Nvidia and Nvidia > Intel, I seriously doubt PhysX will ever go much farther than it has because neither Intel (with Larrabee) nor ATI want to pay Nvidia for the right to use their API. I expect a generic physics API such as through OpenCL to bring GPU physics to the masses in the future. That's what it's going to take--something that is not exclusive to one vendor.

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