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Default Re: PhysX officially sucks.

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
Well the dedicated PsyX processor is one of the reason why the NVidia PnysX is going to loose to Havok Physics.

The other reason is, it is NV proprietary technology. Does NVIDIA think that AMD and Intel is going help sell more NV hardware?

Anyway this article says it better than I can.
The Inevitable Bleak Outcome of NVIDIA's CUDA + PhysX Strategy
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There is another on going pool at TechPowerUp about buying decision and it doesn't even address the question about the need for buying a "dedicated PhysX processor". I think if it was pointed out the numbers would be even lower.

There are many more Titles that use Havok Products and more Upcoming Releases.

And lastly it looks like AMD and Intel will unite against NVIDIA PhysX
And yet strangely, not a single game developed with Havok has anywhere near the eye candy level PhysX enabled games have. GRAW2, Cryostasis, Mirrors Edge so far have shown.

But to that end, PhysX probably wont live much longer if Nvidia can't get another Graphics chip to support it, but CUDA will live on much longer. The article is a bit off on the Cuda thing, its here and its here to stay. Major Developers are already using it.
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