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Default Re: World of Warcraft 2560x1600- new video card advice pls

Questions like this make me wish I had the money to upgrade my Radeon 9600, 1 GB of RAM, and uni-core Athlon 64 3500+, with an AGP slot on the mobo (the gfx card was bought in 2004 and the CPU/mobo in 2005). Dalaran is now better known as Dalagan, and 25 man raids do see some lag issues. Guess since I got stuck needing a smaller monitor, it's a tad better then when I ran mount hyjal with just 12 fps (MH was worse then other raids in terms of frame rate), but still...

Nothing like clicking on volley or something, like 10 times, and sitting there "engage d*mn you" so it can lay the thing down, when everyone is whispering damage meters and what not, as one's left frustrated the comp isn't responding to one's mouse clicks in the most timely fashion 2.7-3k dps isn't bad for largely 10 man nax geared (well he does have a bow outa ulduar, though a blue helm); but I just know latency has to be holding it back; and everyone does care about such things... The above now, is largely with 1024x768 (the current LCD's native res), and a fair bit turned back on gfx. Dal however, the stupid hard drives won't f- off on constant loading/swaping in winXP (wouldn't run Vista on this comp now, for gaming)

A much wanted upgrade will have to wait until after I'm out of this unemploymen pinch though, and personal finances allow for big purchases
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