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Default Re: Windows 7 and Microsoft

This is another thing too. I mean if linux was so great, such a phenomenal operating system as fanboys such as yourself make it out to be. Then why is it that by and large people still prefer to illegally pirate windows, and jump through extra hoops just to avoid the anti-piracy measures it has taken, and go out of their way to find a means of downloading it in the first place, than to simply download linux legally, which is freely available from numerous sources that aren't hidden at all?
As I stated in some of my previous posts, I'm more of a 50%-50% guy in terms of choosing an OS, and maybe some Linux users won't agree with me on this, but let me tell you things I don't like from Linux, things I think makes users want to have Windows (not in a particular order):

- Webcam support for Linux is very limited. The vast majority of IM programs like Pidgin, emesene, and some others have support for the MSN/WLM protocol, but webcam support depends on a video infrastructure called V4L/V4L2 (stands for Video For Linux), the problem is the drivers inside the kernel for these devices differ in some implementations, like colorspace, and some other features, and while some drivers are quite complete, others aren't, so having a unified API for webcam stream handling is quite a challenging task.

So far the only program handling webcam is aMSN, and even it lacks some things we can usually enjoy in our simple and out-of-problems Windows Live Messenger installation.

- The Linux graphics infrastructure (aka still inherites some of the codebase bits from XFree86 (it's a fork of it since version 4.4.0 IIRC), and even if it's quite powerful nowadays and more-or-less well defined, graphics drivers are still a relative mess, specially since new features are introduced (like XInput 2.0, MPX (multi-pointer X) and some others), they tend to make some drivers crash because they're not ready for all of those changes per se.

Windows has the advantage of having their APIs and infrastructure established from the ground up by a defined set of engineers so they have all the same objective and the same way of implementing the features they explicitly want, so it's easier to have a running graphical kernel under Windows than it actually is under Linux (it's just my opinion, of course, others may differ).

3D Acceleration is still bit of a mess depending on the driver, being the NVIDIA closed source binary the best driver out there, just followed by the Intel driver (open-source) and followed closely by the closed source Catalyst driver for ATI cards, and followed in the last place by the open source radeon driver for ATI cards, more or less this is the position they have.

- Licensing. This is something I have always being against from the beginning of my Linux adventures. While the GPL is a nice license, there's so many different licenses out there it's a mess when you're actually going to deploy a product. Closed source apps are not generally welcome (at least not by the GNU zealots, I'm sorry to say that way but it's sadly true, just try to read something on Richard Stallman VS closed source and you'll get an idea), and even gaming (something important to me, working with the OS is not about everything I want to do) poses some challenges, I'm sure we'll see Hillary Clinton working on the porn industry before we see a single EA title coming to Linux (ok, maybe my joke-ish example is quite lacking some taste, but it's just to make a point, I'm sorry if anyone felt offended by it).

So you have a strong point and I have to agree Linux is still a OS for people who has specific needs and are not tied to the set of technologies Microsoft implanted in everyone's digital life, but that doesn't mean Linux is bad or for geeks, it's just... a different OS for different needs, and I'm bit sad about it because I would like to (ideally) just have Linux for my everyday needs, but gaming and msn (among others) ties me to Windows, although I'm perfectly ok, and I'm even happy with what I've seen about Windows 7, I'm even considering the idea of legally getting it, but I won't ditch Linux, I'll use both

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