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Default Re: win7 7231 leaked

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Cream Soda. LOL

Well 7229 was thought to be the pre-RTM or Escrow. 7231 x86 was a leaked VHD so it was never a full iso, there was a full installable conversion using the 7229 installer. As for RTM, some have said 7300 will be RTM. The rumor is that if all goes well with 7229 escrow we should have a RTM build around June 19th, whether it will be 7300 is still unknown. We are very close to RTM in any case.

This seems to be the latest coming from WZOR.

To everyone who keeps on saying that RTM will be available next week, read the following:

We (wzor) never made these claims. You should have read what we posted more carefully. We clearly stated that from the 15th to 19th of june microsoft will compile rtm candidates. They could compile 2, 3 or more. Nobody will know which one actually makes official rtm status until it is signed off.

According to wzor, build 7200 has been reserved for RTM. So, there could be various compiles of 7200 before one of them gets officially signed off.

Before the 24th of June nobody will be able to tell with certainty which one of these 7200 builds is the rtm.

Disclaimer: This was NOT a word to word translation. Most of the useful bits were translated.
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