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Cool Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Two quick follow-up points...

I agree graphics matter, mostly for the sake of immersion. A. I don't think consoles suffer so greatly in thie regard as you postulate though. I know of only a few games that really suffer from tearing, and jaggies are not so bad when viewed from far away. B. If more games were like Crysis and fundementally better, as in better base assets, larger worlds, etc., then I would agree with you more... those days seemed to have passed though.
Secondly, my comments on Doom 4 and the consoles relate to PC in this way: the better console they use as a base, the better the PC version will look/play.
A. Truely? I'm not an owner of a current Gen Console... but I have a friend who owns an old Xbox and 99% of his games (he has around 100) don't have working AA. 'Everytime' I've stopped to look at what the kids at Frys or Best Buy are playing on either the P3 or 360, I notice on those huge widescreen tvs, Tearing and Jaggies. I was on the phone with Microsoft and asked them if the 360 supported V-Sync and AA... they had 'no' clue what I was talking about, I sat on hold for 15+ minutes while they transferred me to Tech 2 and Tech 2 told me that the 360 did not support either of those options and that it was 'up' to the Developer of the game to make sure either of those 2 options worked. Sonys' Tech 2 told me the same thing.

With the small amount of Forum searching I've done (for sh*ts and g*ggles), I've seen about 50% of posts report Tears and Jaggies on both of those console systems. In the end: that doesn't give me a definitive answer, but one thing I can say for sure... is that I've yet to see a Youtube video of either a P3 or 360 playing a game that doesn't exhibit both Tearing and Jagged Edges... and that speaks volumes to me.

The general consensus I've seen is that for the most part, at a 1080 resolution: the P3 and 360 will support V-Sync, 'but' at a severe framerate cost.... = that would explain why I've never seen a Youtube vid of those two systems playing a game without Tearing. Lol, everytime I ragged on the posters about the Tears in said Youtube threads: all I got was hate in return along with, "go back to your Elitest PC gaming, *ssface", lol....

Combine all of that ^ with the fact that the PC has the capability for better/faster memory = better Texture quality 9/10 (Fallout 3 for example, lol.... it looks like garbage on the P3 and 360 imo, and I'm sure most will agree), zero compromises in terms of "max models on screen at once", "size of scenery/maps" along with better AI capabilities.

I'm sorry, but I think Microsoft and Sony have completely sold the Public short on both of those systems, and the next gen will be more of the same imo. They'll be as expensive as a mediocre computer, and will barely perform what they're asked/programmed to do. They will require constant patching of their games (just like PC, and just like the P3 and 360 have had to abide by from the getgo), and their gaming selection will be smaller than what the PC offers.

B. Interesting comment..... truely. I beg to differ though:

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Splinter Cell 1-4, Hitman 2-4, Vampire the MBs, Prince of Persia Sands of Time/T2T, Manhunt, Just Cause, Stranglehold, Cold War, Made Man, Resident 2-5, Silent Hill 2-5..... to name a few 3PShooters.

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Grand Theft Auto 1-4, Godfather 1/2, Mafia 1/2, Scarface, Gangland..... to name a couple Gangster RPGs.

Then there's a host of misc Arcade titles.... and many more to come out in the next 2 years, so as you can see lol..... I feel there are plenty of games with quality, "base assets".... old and new.

The Console systems don't and will never be able to afford me such a selection... 'and' with 99% chance of working V-Sync/AA taboot.... also (for the few that are available on said Consoles), the PC versions 9/10 will have better textures, and sometimes even more content... Fable 1 for example, lol.

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