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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

I took my 2-day-old new i7 920 rig up to 3.8ghz and ran 8 instances of Prime95 for 9.5 hours (overnight) with not one hiccup. I installed a polished Thermalright TRUE copper with dual (push/pull) 120mm fans on an ASUS P6T Deluxe v2.

Turn off speedstep and turbo, set the Vcore to 1.35, set the DRAM frequency to 1.66 and set the Bclk to 190 and voila!

Initially, I went in and set my RAM to 1600mhz and ran the CPU at stock 2.66. When I decided to go ahead and OC, I forgot to reset my RAM back to Auto or, specifically, 1066 and as a result of raising the Bclk the RAM was trying to boot at 1900+...which it obviously wouldn't do. Resetting the RAM back allowed everything to boot and run without a hitch and my 1600mhz RAM was running at 1523mhz.

It took Prime about an hour to get the temps above 70c and once it peaked at 76c but came back down to 73c and stayed there for 5+ hours.

After 2 days running everything I could at 3.8ghz, I decided to drop it back down to 3.6ghz as there really isn't any visual difference between 156fps and 194fps in the games I play and the RAM is still above 1400mhz

I couldn't be happier with the way things are running right now.

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