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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I don't think MS is out to destroy PC gaming, it's just 360 makes more money and has a better image. I mean look. It's more accessible, fairly easy to create games for, big investment that has paid off and every time they do a PC port we whine and complain about it anyway and pirate the game. The only ones destroying PC gaming is PC gamers.
Microsoft is just ignoring PC gaming now. Which makes it a bit strange when they are also in control of PC gaming, with Windows and DirectX.

PC gaming wont go away, but the market will change. Big titles from big companies will be console first, with exceptions of course. Some games are still best on PC and a few companies like Blizzard are PC/Mac only. It will be fun to see when Blizzards starts to do console games for real. Their previous console efforts have sort of imploded.
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