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Default Re: Street Fighter 4 benchmark

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I like this benchmark. It looks like Capcom did a good port if this is any indication. I could run it at a solid 60FPS on my machine (4xAA 16x 1920x1200 everything set to high). Though it dipped to 30FPS on the scene with the 6 characters on screen at the same time with 4x and goes back to 60 on that scene at 2x.
ures drop to 30fps? strange u have a 260 doesn't look like it needs a high end gpu. i ran 1920x1080 4xaa / 16x af, solid 60fps through out the entire video, 60 fps cause of vsync

Originally Posted by SH64 View Post
There is only one match. nothing much to see really. Just see the screenshot in OP to get an idea how it looks like.
There is 3, but i guess it does show what the pc will look like :P.
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