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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
bo 360 supports AA of course... most titles have 2 or 4xMSAA. This leaves a lot of jaggies of course, which is why I mentioned distance.

PS3 has a lot more trouble with AA certainly, but it still uses it sometimes. Again, distance from TV often makes it unobtrusive.

As for that list of games you made, I have no idea what that is supposed to prove. A. y contention is that modern games, as in post-360-era, on PC, have the same base assets 90% of the time.
The most important feature is V-Sync, not AA... and like I said, why do all Youtube Vids of 360/P3 gamers exhibit Tearing all over the place? Why is that I wonder.... Why did both Microsoft and Sonys' Tech 2 Support tell me 'firstly', "they didn't know what AA and V-Sync were" and 'secondly', "their support is soley dependent on the Dev/Pub making sure it works".... baffles me. Like I said before, there are zero excuses for games post '00 to not have working AA and V-Sync.

"If more games were like Crysis and fundementally better, as in better base assets, larger worlds, etc., then I would agree with you more... those days seemed to have passed though."

I shared that list of quality games to prove there are 'still' plenty of games with quality base assets/ideas/adventures/etc to be had by the gamer.... those days "haven't passed" imo. My adventures only begun 1-08 when I built this machine, and now I've got a lifetime to enjoy them.

Maybe I'm easier to please... who knows.... but I know what you're saying and where you're coming from: I just can't agree in the slightest because of the sheer number of quality (imo mind you) games I have to play... and that continue to be created.

A. Lol... so 'only' games past the 360 Era are "modern"... lol... how long have you been gaming? Seriously? IDTech 4 which came out 5 years ago is still 'beyond' Modern in every sense of the word, so your statement both baffles me and disappoints me. I wouldn't care if you were soley a Console Gamer, but hearing a fellow PC Gamer say something like that just sounds ignorant as hell to me.

Honestly it sounds like you're either really hard to please (which I can understand, not everyone likes everything) or completely jaded when it comes to Gaming in general (which is also definitely your prerogative).

Not to bust your balls dude, but statements like that ^ coming from someone who supports Console Gaming (which hasen't done 'anything' to further gaming in terms of graphics or gameplay) ever so slightly rubs me the wrong way.

Hell, maybe it's all that rain you get in Florida, lol.
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