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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I don't think MS is out to destroy PC gaming, it's just 360 makes more money and has a better image. I mean look. It's more accessible, fairly easy to create games for, big investment that has paid off and every time they do a PC port we whine and complain about it anyway and pirate the game. The only ones destroying PC gaming is PC gamers.
Ultimately Pirating is the cause of many things... but there are other factors.

DRM Schemes of today and of the last Decade have turned a number of "what used to be normal purchasers of games" PC Gamers against the Pubs/Devs. The fact that for the last 5+ years, PC Gamers expect a game to 8/10 come out of the box with bugs (sometimes game crashing bugs, especially these last couple years) and have to wait at the mercy of Pubs to pay Devs to fix said bugs via patches/etc... is also a huge factor for a multitude of PC Gamers closing their pocket book.

I'm not saying either of those factors is just cause to steal a game one enjoys playing: I'm simply stating other reasons why PC Gaming and Piracy has become what it has become.... so in the end, it's not 'just' PC Gamers who are to blame for the nonsense that is PC Gaming today.
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