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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
To get point A out of the way, I have done a ton of gaming on the 360 and PS3 and tearing has only been noticeable on a few titles. The only one that sticks out in my mind is the first GRAW.

I don't know what youtube does to videos, so I can't comment there.

A. As for what is modern and what isn't and my "ignorance," I think you just are missing my point. You're playing older games and love them more than console games, good for you. I would probably agree with you, since I find older PC games to be my favorite games of all time, more often than not, as far back as Monkey Island and Deus Ex.

B. My statement was that now-a-days, since the Xbox and Halo became popular, PC games have not usually had a real graphics advantage in most titles. Whereas it used to be a console version of a hit PC game, like Quake 2 or Diablo, was massively inferior to its PC counterpart, or PC games never appeared on consoles at all, now-a-days games are released for all systems more or less looking exactly the same.
Playing Ghostbusters this week on PC will get you more AA and higher resolution, and maybe even an added effect or two rarely, it's still the same fundemental experience and graphics. It is 99% the same, especially when viewed on an HDTV from a moderate distance.

C. I played PC games in the 90's and early 00's because there were experiences and graphics in those games you couldn't get anywhere else. I feel as much at home with a control pad as a mouse and keyboard, so that was never an issue. I mainly played PC games because it was the only place you could play Jedi Knight and Diablo 2, and the only place Quake 2 and Command and Conquer played like the should. My main point is that this is no longer the case 99% of the time.
The only reason I stick with PC gaming at this point is better graphics and mouse conrols in FPS games. That is why the platform is weaker now, because most of its unique abilities and games have gone away.

D. Crysis and The Witcher don't make an entire platform.
Weird, GRAW 1/2 both respond to me forcing V-Sync, but sadly, they don't respond to me trying to force AA... the Devs for both of them either didn't know how to implement AA (a decade old feature) or they simply weren't paid to do so. Either way, the jaggies make those games look half as good as they could look.

A. I'm not missing anything... your definition of "modern" and mine obviously differ greatly. I'm playing "older games"... lol... they're all within 5+ years of now... I'm not talking about Super Mario Brothers here. Out of the 280 I have installed, maybe 30-50 are pre '02 and out of the 200+ I have sitting on the floor, maybe 20-30 are pre '02. If I was comparing Sprite based engines VS. 3d engines, I'd understand your comment; but that's not how you're describing your view on "modern", so....

B. Yeah, I got that as I already detailed in a previous post... remember, I respectfully disagreed with you. Take Fallout 3 for example... the Console versions look terrible compared to what the PC can do with it, and the framerate is a joke. It's like that for every Console Game I've seen whether it was original to the Console or ported from PC. Bioshock, another great example... the textures look way better on PC and I can force AA and it looks magnificent! I don't even know if the P3 and 360 support V-Sync for Bioshock... if not, wow: there's another huge disadvantage.

"Playing Ghostbusters this week on PC will get you more AA and higher resolution, and maybe even an added effect or two rarely, it's still the same fundemental experience and graphics. It is 99% the same, especially when viewed on an HDTV from a moderate distance."

Sorry, not if it doesn't have functioning V-Sync.... and 'especially' considering the Console player is dictated to on "how" he can play the game - i.e. the Controller. It's not the same, the framerate is 'iffy' at best, the look isn't the same quality, and the options are simply not there. It's 75% the same, I'll give you that.... it's a close 2nd, lol but it still falls short in the end... lol... 'and' the Console Gamer paid $10 more for it new, 'and' the Console Gamer doesn't have the option to wait and see if it surfaces on Ebay or Half Price Books a year later at HALF the price... so no, I disagree with you there as well.

C. It's "no longer the case"... lol..... you can't find 3/4 of those RTS games I listed for Console (probably more)... same for the FPSs, (RPGwise, just a sample) Morrowind and Oblivion for the Consoles are a bloody joke compared to what I have at my fingertips... lol, there's no "MGE mod" for ESIII on the Console, christ, don't get me started. Hell, there's ZERO Flight Sim support on Console and never will be.... that's a done deal.

It's "no longer the case"... Console hasn't 'begun' to catch up as far as options are concerned.... nor have they caught up to Graphics Capability/Quality.

D. Lol... what??? Sorry but you're silly.... here's my current 'Wantlist'

1. Dark Salvation (FPS)
2. Terminator Salvation (3PS)
3. Red Alert 3 (RTS)
4. Sacred 2 (hacknslash RPG)
5. Dark Horizon - Tarr Chronicles part 2 (SIM) [CHECK]
6. Far Cry 2 (FPS) [CHECK]
7. GTA IV (3PS)
8. Dead Space (3PS)
9. Left for Dead (FPS)
10. Call of Duty 5 World At War (FPS)
11. Empire Total War (RTS Strategy)
12. Resident Evil 5 (3PS)
13. Fallout The Ultimate Collection parts 1, 2, & Tactics (RPG Strategy) [CHECK]
14. Dawn of War II (RTS)
15. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (3PS I think)
16. Velvet Assassin (FPS)
17. Saints Row 2 (3PS)
18. Assassins Creed 'Altairs Chronicles' EXP (3PS)
19. Guild War Various EXPs (RPG)
20. Legendary (FPS)
21. Tom Clancys H.A.W.X. (3P SIM)
22. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 'Clear Sky' EXP (FPS) [CHECK]
23. Devil May Cry 4 (3PA) [CHECK]
24. Street Fighter IV (Arcade) ***
25. Brothers In Arms Hells Highway (FPS) [CHECK]
26. Lock On, make sure to get the full package (SIM)
27. Star Wars the Force Unleashed, if it's ever ported (3PS)
28. Bioshock 2 (FPS) ***
29. Crysis 'Warhead' EXP (FPS)
30. Rage (FPS) ***
31. Doom 4 (FPS) ***
32. Starcraft 2 (RTS) ***
33. Diablo III (hacknslash RPG) ***
34. They Hunger: Lost Souls (FPS) ***
35. GTR Evolution, buy at HPB only (Race SIM)
36. Aliens Vs. Predator!!! (FPS) ***
37. Demigod (RTS)
38. Ravensquad (FPS + RTS)
39. Zeno Clash 2 (FPS + RPG)
40. Fallout 3 GOTYEdition, includes all 5 EXPs (FPS + RPG) ***
41. Gothic 3 'Forsaken Gods' EXP (RPG) [CHECK]
42. Company of Heroes 'Tales of Valor' EXP (RTS)
43. Still Life (Adventure)
44. Still Life 2 (Adventure)
45. F.E.A.R. 2 (FPS)
46. Lego Indiana Jones (Arcade)
47. Tom Clancy's End War (RTS)
48. Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena (FPS)
49. Prince of Persia 4 (3PA)
50. Crime Stories (Adventure)
51. Spider Man Web of Shadows (3PA)
52. Sonic Riders (Arcade Racer)
53. Red Orchestra, HPB only (FPS)
54. Shellshock 2: Blood Trails (FPS)
55. BET on Soldier 'Black-Out Saigon' EXP (FPS)
56. Wolfenstein (FPS) ***
57. X3: Reunion (Strategy SIM) [CHECK]
58. Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusader (RTS) [CHECK]
59. Perimeter 2: New Earth (RTS)
60. Neverwinter Nights 2 + ALL EXPs (RPG)
61. Neocron (FPS)
62. Beyond Good and Evil 2 (3PS Puzzle)
63. Need for Speed Undercover (Race SIM)
64. Test Driving Unlimited 2 (Race SIM) ***
65. Tomb Raider Anniversary (3PA)
66. Lego Batman (Arcade)
67. DCS: Black Shark (SIM Helicoptor) same people who made ILS!
68. The Protector (FPS/3PS?)
69. Necrovision (FPS) ---Wolfenstein wannbe---
70. Lords of Everquest (RTS) [CHECK]
71. Dungeon Lords: The Orb and the Oracle {Dungeon Lords 2?} (RPG)
72. Silent Hunter 4: WOTP 'U-Boat Missions' EXP (SIM)
73. Silent Hill 5: Homecoming (3PA) ***
74. Batman: Arkham Asylum (3PA)
75. Mafia 2 (3PS)
76. The Godfather 2 (3PS)
77. Mercenaries 2 (3PS) [CHECK]
78. System Shock 2 (FPS) [remember, SAME issues with Quad Core as Thief II... G/L getting it to work!]
79. Overlord II (3PA RPGish) ***
80. Lost Planet 2 (3PS) ***
81. Galactic Civilizations II 'Twilight of the Arnor' EXP (4X Strat) [CHECK]
82. Cryostasis (FPS)
83. Postal II (FPS) HPBs ONLY
84. X3: 'Terran Conflict' EXP (Strategy SIM)
85. Supreme Commander 2 (RTS) ***

There's a wee bit more than Crysis and The Witcher for PC, you might wanna take a look around.... you'll be surprised. Lemme know how many of these will be available on Console, and after determining that #: keep in mind how crappy they'll be in comparison to the PC version in terms of Options/Controls/Quality/Framerate/Graphics.

Also keep in mind that whichever ones from that list ^ are being Developed on Console first, that they'll be even sicker for PC...

I rest my case.
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