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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by JohnDio View Post
Diezel engine (used in GRAW1/2, Wanted: Weapons Of Fate and Terminator: Salvation) doesn't support FSAA due to the deferred lighting. There isn't any work around (unlike with all the Unreal3 engine games that use the same lighting method).
First of all, I thought GRAW used the U3 Engine..?...

That's truly interesting because I've heard the same excuse used for the U3 Engine and U3 Engine based games in general.... thank goodness it's only the case for some U3 Engine based games.

"Wanted: Weapons Of Fate and Terminator: Salvation"

Great... two more that I can expect Jaggies on... yay.

thks for pipin in
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