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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Pretty sure a point is missed, Developers(or the publishers), are developing console first now, and PC second, if at all, that usually tends to leave PC with a mediocore port, and console level graphics.
However, thanks to a few key developers, we still have a better experience in some games because they are dedicated to PC first, Valve is a good example, Crytek were also a good example, ID are kind of doing both at once but are still PC devs at heart, and Blizzard loves us PC gamers.
Epic have abandoned their roots and are attacking PC as a gaming platform, then expect PC gamers to buy their **** and are shocked when their games dont sell as well on PC :P

When the first DX11 games come out I expect there to again be a large gap between consoles and PCs, but the console first developed games will still be roughly equal on PC, thats just how it is, and its not until the next gen consoles that we will see better use of PC hardware by them.
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